Blow Room

The blow room is the first step of yarn production in a spinning mill. In this section compressed bales are opened, cleaned and blended or mixed to form uniform laps of specific length. This is the first section of the spinning process in the spinning of yarn.


Carding in the spinning process splits up the locks and unorganized clumps present in the fiber. This is done to make the fiber parallel to each other.


Drawing, also known as drafting, in yarn manufacturing, is the process of thinning the loose assemblage of fiber called the sliver (q.v.) by passing it through a series of rollers, thus straightening the individual fiber and making them more parallel. Each pair of rollers spins at a faster rate than the previous one.


The simplex process minimizes the sliver weight to a suitable size for spinning into yarn and inserting twist, which maintains the integrity of the draft strands. It is impossible to feed the sliver to ring frame for yarn production due to limitation in draft in ring frame.

Ring Section

Ring spinning is a method of spinning fiber, such as cotton, polyester in order to make yarn. In ring spinning, the roving is first attenuated by using drawing rollers, then spun and wound around a rotating spindle which in its turn is contained within an independently rotating ring flyer.

Cone Winding Section

The winding is the process of creating large yarn packages called “cones” from a number of small yarn packages (ring cops) in order to make use of the yarn in subsequent machinery. The winding process does not only make bigger yarn packages, but also corrects spinning faults like neps, hairiness, and waxes.

Quality Testing Depatrtment

Power House